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Be Courageous - Indecision steals time.

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Indecision has never been one of my flaws, I mean, unless we are trying to decide where and what to eat for lunch. I have always been one of those people that make my biggest decisions in life in less time than it takes me to decide what cocktail I'm having off the menu.

I have learned that spending too much time contemplating and over analyzing my next move keeps me from doing the things I know in my heart I want and need to be doing, and half the time I usually surprise myself with the outcome. Wether its which city Im jet setting to next or maybe the career opportunity of a life time, I will always chose to jump into the unknown. I feel as though I am one of those people who are not okay with a mediocre life and the same routine over and over. I need spontaneity, and adventure, I need romance and excitement!

All of the choices I have made have lead me where I am today and for that I am so grateful. Some much harder than others, of course. Along the way I have made decisions that resulted in the loss of friendships and loss in love and relationships. I have lost comfort in a home and in a way of life as I knew it, and I have also missed events with family that I will never get back.

Where I once have lost; I have now gained so much. So many blessings to be happy with from the decisions I made, where at that time it felt like a loss. I have so many supportive friends and family in my life and I have a good love. I have a job that keeps me on my toes and there's never a dull moment. I have built a business that I knew I had in me. I have a home that is my sanctuary, where I feel most comfortable.

I have peace. I have happiness.

If you are going through something life changing or altering and you are not sure of your next move because of what the unknown will hold DO NOT be AFRAID to JUMP! This jump could be your biggest life altering move, and happiness, wealth, and fortune are on the other side waiting for you to come and take it. Take that leap of faith into the unknown and go at it full force. Greet the unknown like an old friend. Be the boss you have always wanted to be. Take that trip you've been dying to go on, even though your terrified to fly. Apply for that house you have always dreamed of. Take that class you've been putting on the back burner. Ask that woman of your dreams, that you love more than life, to marry you. Take that leap and don't let indecision and fear take your precious time from you. Time is the only thing we can not take back.

You never really know what the future holds and thats the beauty in it. The beauty of the unknown. The beauty in being so scared and so excited at the same time. Have COURAGE my friend. Have faith in yourself to hold your head above the deep waters. Dont spend too much time trying to plan the outcome. The dept of the water doesn't seem so scary if you know that you can float, because drowning is not an option. The courage that you feel after a decision is made and knowing that your on the path to righteousness is worth more than the fear of jumping itself!

Dont let indecision and fear steal your chance to jump! It's your life. It's your future. Its your time!

#BeCourageous #JUMP

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